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Official MLReef press kit including photos, logos, and our press release boilerplate.

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1st MLReef DeepDive - Austria 2019

Camillo Pachmann - Founder & CEO

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Press release statement

MLReef is a Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) platform that helps organizations to collaborate efficiently on ML projects.

Machine Learning (ML) has seen an incredible uprise and impact in recent years. Mostly driven by increased data and computing availability its use shifted from research to applied ML. Organizations around the globe are seeing ML as a competitive advantage able to drive significant Return on Investment (ROI). This perspective is driving (and forcing) adoption of ML, but not without its still very present operational and investment risks:

  • Lack of talents able to build and sustain ML life cycles.
  • High investment and maintenance costs of deployed tool chains.
  • Difficult and inefficient access to ML content (data, use cases, best practices, scripts, etc).
  • Versatility and reproducibility in creating ML projects.
  • Difficult collaboration and communication flow in the team and across organizations.

ML Operations (short MLOps) aims at operationalizing the entire ML life cycle with the objective to solve many of the above problems - similar how DevOps drove customer value by solving complexity and collaboration in software development. At MLReef, we are developing a platform that focuses on collaboration via a holistic, easy to use und fully reproducible (and open) ML development environment. This way, our customers can drive value based on:

  • Fast and efficient prototyping, leveraged by community generated ML content.
  • Collaborative environment for beginners and experts alike (easy usability vs. deep adaptability).
  • Full reproducibility on data, scripts, parameters, and environments used.
  • Centralized knowledge base for sustainable use of ML work within the organization.
  • Full data security with on-premise and complete offline setup.

About the company

MLReef was founded in 2019 and has ever since focused on developing the MLOps platform MLReef.

We strongly believe in the need to democratize the power of AI. This becomes especially true, when enabling the many to adopt future technologies to improve their work and to create the radical new. AI is a new “energy source” which needs to be affordable and accessible to all.