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more medical ML POCs completed

Collaboration, the key for more and better Data Science

MLReef enables Domain Experts and Data Scientists to securely collaborate via a hybrid of pro-code & no-code development approach

Increased productivity

75% increase in productivity due to distributed workloads. This enables teams to complete more ML projects faster.

Better collaboration

Domain Experts and Data Scientists collaborate on the same platform reducing 100% of unnecessary communication ping-pong.

Secured Continuity

MLReef works on your premises and uniquely enables 100% reproducibility and continuity. Rebuild all work at any time.

Why users love MLReef

Create custom AI Modules


Create easy operable AI Modules from Git repositories

You can use already well known and established git repositories to create explorable, interoperable and versioned AI Modules.

Immutable, reusable and sharable

CI/CD based workflows

Knwodledge base of working code

Distribute ML workload


Empower everyone to participate in the ML value chain with low/no code

AI Modules created by your data scientists become drag and drop elements. These are adjustable by parameters, versioned, interoperable and explorable within your entire organization.

Fast iteration of data, code and pipelines

Easy to use and still highly flexible

Concurrent computing pipelines

Manage your data, collaboratively


Make data processing a collaborative and connected work

Data handling often requires expert knowledge that a single data scientist often lacks. MLReef enables your field experts to relieve your data processing task, reducing complexities and increasing data quality for model training.

Use integrations to your data warehouse

Launch data processing & visualizations

Store versions of dataset

Develop reproducible models


Run experiments iteratively and with full reproductibility

Training models has never been as easy and flexible at the same time. Do not lose any history with full version control on data, code, parameters, pipeline run and base environment.

Use any ML framework

Track model performance and metrics

Store & version model artifact and output

Orchestrate and automate pipelines

Pipeline Graph - ROADMAP

Create interconnected pipeline graphs

Build complex pipelines via drag and drop or via jaml configuration. Set automation and sheduling rules and set best-practice CI/CD workflows.

Create complex pipeline flows

Orchestrate resources

Set custom automation and sheduling rules

Access a pre-built ML knowledge base


Access ready to use & open-source Datasets, Data Operators and Models

Start producing value by accessing a pre-built ML knowledgebase. Access hundreds of medical imaging datasets and ready to use AI Modules for image processing and Machine Learning models.

Direct access to open-source medical datasets

Instant use of open-source AI Modules

Produce value within minutes

Use your preferred host

host on

self-host on any premise or cloud infra


Host MLReef on any infrastructure - on the cloud or on-premises

MLReef comes as a docker image to be installed wherever you need it. Secure your data policies with full flexibility

Trusted by thousands of users and organizations

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